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David L. King is married and resides in Greenbrier, Tennessee. He is a proud father and grandfather and loves to spend time with family.

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David's Experience


David is a Nashville, Tennessee attorney with extensive experience in the governmental, legal and business community. During his career, he has represented business interests before governmental agencies and been a fierce advocate for the rights and protection of individual liberties. Licensed as a member of the Tennessee Bar in 1980, David is admitted to practice before all local Courts along with the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts for the United States District Courts in Tennessee He is also admitted to the United States Supreme Court.

The experience that David has in domestic practice, including divorces, adoptions, child support matters, paternity cases and modifications of parenting plans is vast. Over the last twenty years, King has been very instrumental in advocating these matters while emphasizing the need for good communication and co-parenting in cases involving children. His passion for bringing people through these difficult times of life shows itself best in these areas.

Over the years, King has represented countless victims in personal injury matters, malpractice suits, wrongful termination and discrimination matters. He obtained a $7.2 million dollar verdict in Davidson County, Tennessee in April of 2010 in a motor vehicle accident involving our client being hit and permanently injured by a drunk driver. (Wolfe v. Ellis, Davidson County 6th Circuit Court #07C-813). While this was a very large case, King represents a vast range of personal injury matters, focusing on the client, not the potential settlement.

David King has had a lot of success in criminal law, including representation of those charged with both misdemeanors and felonies. From driving under the influence to theft charges, possession charges and vandalism, if you are looking for a good criminal attorney, King is one of most recognized attorneys in the criminal courts throughout middle Tennessee and has represented people in need throughout the State of Tennessee.

David’s Government Affairs and administrative experience is extensive. He has advocated for the regulatory and legislative interests of the Tennessee Association of Realtors, The Tennessee Theater Owners, The Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association, The Outdoor Advertising Association of Tennessee, The Tennessee Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, Cone Oil Company, Shoney’s Inc., The Amusement and Music Operators of Tennessee and Bios, of Tennessee.

David has also been active in business and corporate development, having owned King Hospitality Corporation with 3 franchised Shoney’s restaurants in Texas and Oklahoma. He was named Franchise Rookie of the Year for his operations. He has also represented Waste Management of Texas where he coordinated the public private partnerships for Waste Management, Inc. in Ft Worth, Texas and Stephenville, Texas. David was further instrumental in the successful acquisition initiative of Lionheart Newspapers, Inc., a multi-state $100 + million transaction.

While the list of David’s accomplishments are very admirable, the most impressive thing, by far, about David King is his love for people, his drive to do good, and his ability to bring people together for the benefit of all. He has dedicated his life to the unbiased representation of every man, woman, and child who seeks his assistance. David’s passion and success is merely a bi-product of the love he has for people.

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